ministers and elders, the most distinguished, that is, Xiao Chengjun and Xiaoyi Xuan. On the table, the tower and the Princess and the elders side of the Princess, sitting on the left support Luo and Xiao Fei s people, sitting on the right. The number of people quite Xiao Chengjun and Xiaoyi Xuan, sitting in the middle of two. Today, the father sweat funeral, fortuna.tely you all VCA6-DCV come here, in particular, thanks to the messenger of Xiao country came to condolence, come, let s dry three cups of rice, Finished, take the lead, even dry three bowls. Xiao Chengjun and Xiaoyi Xuan, also followed to drink. Xiao Chengjun stood up, embarrassed to say the tower of the earth, the king has a question, but also hope that the world of the wise. Say good to say the tower said. This old sweat king of the late, this new sweat king, which ah Xiao Chengjun look at the tower, and look at the support of the Luo, the face is difficult to color. Branch tower Chi Chi said with a smile Nature is the world I am a great son, VMware Certification the Princess is a big concubine, which also say But without the approval of the Borneo, you are nothing You Stood up and stood VCA6-DCV it exam up and

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1V0-601 VMware Certified Associate 6 - Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals VMware VCA6-DCV